Let Us Help You Speed-Read With Ease

Trust us to teach you all about speed-reading

Knowing how to speed-read could help you at work or in everyday life. And you can learn how to speed-read with help from Nows The Time LLC. We've created a motivational speed-reading module with tips and tricks for learning the skill. You can access all of our lessons for $44. The intro lesson is $7, then you can purchase the rest for $37.

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You won't regret investing time in our speed-reading lessons

Learning how to speed-read is well worth your time. This skill can help you:

  • Finish your work faster
  • Remember things easier
  • Appeal to future employers
Since speed-reading has much to do with your memory, learning it could also help grow your white brain matter.

Whether you want to be able to absorb more information or get your work done faster, speed-reading is a useful skill to have. Find out more about how we can help you master speed-reading by calling (502) 742-4621 or (502) 509-5245 now.