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Dear Church groups please email to discuss your group size or call Ronnie Needham 502-302-2311 to discuss the churches needs. Ronnie is happy to give the church a discount code.

Once you receive the discount code have all your congregation enter the discount code at the check out counter. The computer will automatically apply the discount.

Once your members make the purchase they will receive an email to log into the classroom site ( our teaching site is streamed on Uscreen a secure server)

Module 1 - First life skill training/regaining your self-esteem and confidence/retrain your mind for success.

All things start with your processing of information ability.

In 30 days, you will be in the top 1% of all the people in the world on this new life skill.

Make more money with the 720 hours you save a year.

Finding your self-esteem.

Regain yourself-confidence.

How to break old habits.

Create new habits in 21 days.

How to grow new white brain matter.

Have more time for church and family activities.

Teach your children and grandkids this skill.

Why water is important to the brain.

Why is blood flow analysis important to the body.

Why read 10 pages a day in the bible.

Over 80 how to guides step by step.

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