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Ronnie Needham has a history as a successful entrepreneur. Set national records for Dodge Corporation, Holiday Health Spa. A history of motivational success, he perfected in the 80’s while working for W.M. Industries, setting all the national records for W.M.I. In 1992 he founded Ronaldo Designer Jewelry. Was President and CEO of Ronaldo Designer Jewelry from 1992-2019. Ronnie brings the skills needed, to teach you the art of finding your WHY in life. Once you find your why, he shows you HOW to accomplish anything by locking your new abilities into your long-term memory.

We understand that almost all of us are Bent and Broken emotionally spiritually or financially. Many are stuck in the belief that I don’t measure up. We understand for you to progress you need to heal emotionally. Ronnie will help you to rewire your brain and your abilities. Allowing, yourself to finally be free from your past. Any course that you don’t follow thru with teaches you nothing.

Ronnie’s course is pure motivation where you have step-by-step instructions and day-by-day exactly what to do.

Once you find your why you can learn to do anything. The course rebuilds your self-esteem and your self-confidence. Helps you to find your Why in life.

Your real purpose and who you really are.

Ronnie Needham

Module 1 Introduction

Module 1 Reading

Module 1 Reading Pt. 2

Module 2 Introduction

Module 2 Memory

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