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Now Is The Time To Heal And Be Happy!

Ronnie Needham - Meet Life Coach Of Louisville, KY

No matter how much you are Bent or Broken! You CAN bounce back with the best Life coach in Louisville KY to help you RISE.

Ronnie is the life coach of Louisville Kentucky who brings light to your darkest days

Ronnie broke his neck at age 8, cut off his thumb at age 15, fell from 55 feet at age 18, had an aneurysm at age 21, and had to restart learning. Despite four near-death experiences, he recovered, and what he learned he was able to build very successful companies. From all those adversity he faced, Ronnie has come out fierce, and today is renowned to be amongst the successful life coaches of his time.

Ronnie Needham

Now Is The Time To Heal!!!

Ronnie brings his skills to the table to motivate you!

Learn from the best teacher and motivator Learn from Ronnie Needham

No matter where you are at in your life understand your past is not your future There is a solution a better way

Online you will find dozens of courses. Without the proper motivational training and starting at the exact point in your life when you were able to learn it is very hard to re-program your mind for success. We must go to that point to un-program your mind and reprogram your mind with new positive thoughts to rebuild your self-esteem and self-confidence. This allows you to feel you do measure up. Establish new positive habits and start your new successful life. most of the time people only take part in any online course and drop out don’t finish or never use it. We teach you how to learn all over again in such a long-lasting or permanent way. Many will use the ability for the rest of their life. You can test your progress with measured immediate results. Combine the real down-to-earth motivation you will ever experience; your comprehension will soar. Your self-esteem and self-confidence will return. When you can focus, retain your mind, and learn you will heal and not be Bent

Do You Feel Bent And Broken Emotionally?

  • Have you felt you don’t measure up?
  • Have you lost a loved one?
  • Do you have a broken heart Broken Heart?
  • Why do I live with an acholic who is abusive?
  • Will I ever get a better job?
  • Why can’t I measure up?
  • Why can’t me and my spouse get along?
  • Can I ever find peace?
There is a solution and its much cheaper than the mental depression from the hurts and pains of being Bent and Broken

Learn from someone who has been where you are and discover the solutions! There is a solution, a better way.

Ronnie Needham is the life coach in Louisville who Knows Knows How To Heal The Mind From Hurts And Pains.

As a life coach in Louisville, Ronnie doesn’t just offer empty platitudes. He shares his own story and equips you with powerful tools to heal, develop unshakeable self-belief, and rewrite your life’s narrative.

Ronnie Needham wrote this poem as he sat with his mother, Betty, for 70 straight days morning and night. She was dying from lung cancer. For 70 days Ronnie lost his mind and he drank a fifth of Four Roses Bourbon every day for 70 days. I was in so much pain, my mom asked me to unplug her and walk away. I could not kill my mother and when your mom asks you to kill her it’s a horrible thing. I had millions of dollars but could not save my mom from lung cancer.

Dear Fans

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My First Novel - Now Is The Time

My name is Ronnie Needham. I am the founder of Ronaldo Designer Jewelry, a company that sold over $174 million in retail business over the last 15 years. I have headlined in Las Vegas, and my products were in the gift bags for the Oscars, the Grammys, and onstage with the Pope at the Vatican. Mine is a true American rags-to-riches dream come true. What follows is my personal story. I will reveal to you, my life philosophy, and all about how money flows, where this knowledge came from, and how I gained the critical traits that led to my success. I’ll show how those instincts were always living inside me. I will give you the secrets of success that made me a multi-millionaire, all while unfolding the compelling memoir of my rocky road to fame, fortune, and most of all, love. In short, this is the story of how I lit the fires to my Burning Desires.

With warmest personal regards

Ronnie Needham

Dear Fans

FREE SNEAK PEEK – Novel comes out in July 2023
I hope you enjoy the free sneak peek of my novel.
The rags to riches, I tell the whole story of my life. Answer the question? What REALLY HAPPENED to the man called Ronaldo and where did he really go !

Ronnie Needham's National Success

Meet Your Life Coach

Ronnie Needham set national records in sales in 1983 for W.M. Industries Inc. over 600 nationwide offices with the main office in Atlanta, Georgia. Lead the nation with my office sales of 1703 sales in the houseware division and 624 personal sales with Charlie Mattingly.

Ronnie Needham also set Nation Sales records for Dodge Corporation 1976.

Ronnie Needham also set national sales records in 1977 for Holiday Spa until he had an aneurysm

Ronnie Needham created Ronaldo Designer Jewelry a company. My company sold over 174 million in retail dollars from 2009 to April 3rd, 2019.

The eye

1 Step

The Eyes

The face

2 Step

The Face

Paint the rest and frame the painting of MYLA my girlfriend

3 Step

Paint the rest and frame the painting of MYLA my girlfriend

Ronnie Presenting Jewelry To The Pope.

Ronnie Needham Set Nation Records For W.M. Industries Number One In Personal Sales 32 Times, In Two Years Out Of 6000 Sales People

This week my office was also number one out of 600 offices worldwide with 1703 office sales, and 624 personal sales was also number one nationally and worldwide

Ronnie Needham has a history as a successful entrepreneur. Set national records for Dodge Corporation, Holiday Health Cpa. A history of motivational success, he perfected in the 80’s while working for W.M. Industries, setting all the national records for W.M.I. In 1992 he founded Ronaldo Designer Jewelry. Was President and CEO of Ronaldo Designer Jewelry from 1992-2019. Ronnie brings the skills needed, to teach you the art of finding your why in life. Once you find your why, he shows you HOW to accomplish anything by locking your new abilities into your long-term memory.

Ronnie was a benefactor to the Vatican.

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