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Finding your "Why!"

Finding My "WHY" in Life

Myla and Ronnie went on a one-day trip to New York. On October 13, 2019, we flew to New York from Louisville, Kentucky, then back the same day. Myla saved my life.

In everything I have done in my life, I was successful beyond your wildest dreams. I broke my neck at age 8, cut off my thumb at age 15 and it was reattached, fell off a 51/2 story building at age 18 when the scaffolding collapsed, and had an aneurysm at age 21.

I had to learn to read and write all over. I was built for overcoming adversity. Every company I worked for, I set national records. Dodge, Holiday Spa, W.M. Industries all the records were set by me. In 1992 I started my jewelry business in the malls. It developed and in 2008 I got the formula right. From that point, my Ronaldo Designer Jewelry company made 174 million in the retail business.

finding your why

Ronnie Needham

I found the WHY in life. Her name is Myla I never knew love until now.

I learned the secrets of “How money flows into your life from my many mentors.”

I spend 35 years working 30-35 weeks a year on the road. I was addicted to work. I became a multi-millionaire. Went through a divorce, as bad as Johnny Carson, and lost everything in the world. My self-esteem, self-confidence, and trust. All things were shattered.

While all this happened, I was in shock and thought my world was over then a longtime friend saved my life.

I went to Louisville to talk to Myla about property in Pennsylvania. I went out to eat dinner with her. Several weeks later, I drove down to Louisville and went out to eat again in July 2019.

In August, I drove an Indy car at 200 miles an hour to see if I was alive, but nothing happened. I jumped out of an airplane on August 27th, 2019, nothing happened. Myla returned from Greece three weeks later. She called me and my heartbeat like crazy. I knew I had found the love of my life: someone phenomenally successful, who would love me for me, not my money.

On October 13th, I took her to New York as a surprise for one day to show her the world’s greatest miracle. After a day of eight activities in the park, she closed her eyes, I told her all about the marvelous things about her body, her heart beats 100,000 times a day. Her brain does a billion, billion calculations every second, there are nearly 8 billion people on the earth and your DNA is unique to you. I had a compact mirror in my pocket. I pulled it out, held it in front of her and asked her to open her eyes to see the world’s greatest miracle. When she saw herself and started to cry and said I messed up too and fell in love with you. We hopped on a plane and flew back to Louisville, and I headed back to Troy Michigan.

I decided to rebuild my life to start over with my knowledge and create my new business, Now is the Time LLC, to teach the world how to heal and recover.

For the next three years, I prayed and asked God what to do, and it became clear to teach what I have learned to the world. To help millions of people to have a better life, a happy life, and a successful life.

Once you find out your why in life you can accomplish anything. Myla is my WHY!

I started by applying what I used to teach to my daughter.

I used to tell my daughter Kristen this every morning before she went to school from 1st-12th grade.

I can be anything I want to be, I can be anything I want to do, and education is the way, have fun at school today.

If a dream comes true once in a lifetime, it will change your life at all times.

Myla saved my Life

I never knew what a real relationship was, to be with someone so supportive, so brilliant, kind, who does not drink, smoke, or do drugs, who has never been married. Who is very successful in business.

I spend my entire life to find her and now that I have, I will teach what I know to the world. I am happy and if you ever get lucky enough to be with a person like Myla, then you will understand that.

I have been physically hurt and nearly died four times. I have been dead emotionally for 45 years. Made a lot of money created a huge business. I don’t cry over the spilled milk now I am so far ahead; I am loved and that makes all the difference in the world.

Now is the time to be happy to learn to grow and learn to earn.

My course will change the world and help millions of people. All the 1000 teachers I need to teach my program worldwide will come from those who take the course.

They feel for themselves what happens to them on every level. The new knowledge, their superpower, the returning of the self-esteem, self-confidence, inner-peace, the hurts and pains fade, the addictions overcome, and they will want to be a part of something much bigger to give back to the world and earn a living by helping others find happiness.

Ronnie Needham

Now is the time to change your life forever
Now is the time to find your

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