We Are All Going To Make It

Module 1 - First life skill training/regaining your self esteem and confidence/retrain your mind for success.

Get fired up get motivated with Ronnie

The first Module - 21 video lessons (one month) 130-page workbook ten years follow up study

The first 4 modules should be taken in sequential order. Knowledge from each carries over into the next module. The first module is very impactful. The art of pure motivation and the technical knowledge to rebuild your mind and self-esteem. Ronnie teaches you how to get rid of the hurts and the pains in your life. To set yourself free of your past. Ronnie says, "You can be anything you want to be and you can do anything you want to do, educate is the way, have fun at school today."

We go back to the point in time where you started to learn in the first grade your ABC's and then in the second grade you started to read. We must start at that point to rebuild your ability to learn. We will teach you a very important life skill. We will demonstrate to you that in 30 minutes we have a better way to teach you a new skill. Within one month you will be in the top 1% in the world at this new skill.

Each day you learn how to dream build how to set pleasure goals. We go into detail on how to re-train your mind for success. Once you complete this module, regain your self-confidence, retrain your mind for success. You will start the journey of able learning new skills that will help you earn more money, and you will possibly be in the top 1% of the readers in the entire world. The last time most people took a reading class was in the second grade. We are all reading at a grade school level of knowledge. The system was broken and its not your fault if you were trained properly, you most likely would have excelled in many areas of your life.

We teach you how to save time, to think and say daily, I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I know I can, I will, I will, I will learn. With the new skills we will save you at least one hour per day or 365 hours a year or nine full 40-hour weeks. We also teach you how to put your life in successful order. The military teaches you can do more, we teach you that you can be more, visualization techniques to retrain your subconscious mind, placing your goals on your mirror. The course is one that can change your life in a positive way.

Course Review - note the first 5 modules must be learned in a progression order all this is explained later as we grow your mental abilities. The classes will be much more beneficial by learning the modules in the correct order.

You will not regret spending the time to learn Module 1 - First life skill training/regaining your self-esteem and confidence/retrain your mind for success.

We teach you how to save time, to think and say daily, I think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I know I can, I will, I will, I will learn. With the new skills we will save you at least one hour per day or 365 hours a year or nine full 40-hour weeks. We also teach you how to put your life in successful order.

This module can help you:

  • Finish your work faster
  • Be able to learn to listen
  • Set and acquire new habits
  • Drinking water for the mind
  • Break the negative cycle of life
  • Breathing correctly for the mind
  • Retrain your mind
  • Regain your self- esteem
  • Regain your self-confidence
  • Remember things easier
  • Be in the top 1% in the entire world in relatable life skills
  • Appeal to future employers

Whether you want to be able to absorb more information or get your work done faster, better life skills is very useful to have. Find out more about how we can help you master your life's skills and then become a teacher: by calling (502) 742-4621 or (502) 509-5245 now.

Broken Heart?

How do I live?
Where do I find the answers?

Module 2 - Life skill #2 Finding your superpower, your super mind/your super memory

The second Module - 21 video lessons (one month) 432-page workbook, ten years follow up study

Module 2 picks up where module 1 left off. We now intensify the training to rebuild your mind and body. To establish in your mind skill #2 in addition to being in the top 1% in the world in life skills you will also be trained to be in the top 1% in the world on memory skills.

The techniques to develop a super memory are in a step-by-step presentation. Ronnie takes you on the technical how to journey to learn and remember anything quicker and better. To deposit the information in your long tern memory. Increase your white brain matter. Ronnie's techniques are pure amazing; just think if someone met 15 people at an event and you could remember everyone's name forever. How much more money would you earn.

Ronnie teaches you the skills he developed over the last 40 years. This will open a lot of opportunity for career advancement and the opportunity to make a better income. You will teach your children and grandkids this skill.

The skills you learn will give you an opportunity to advance in any company. Pure motivation with knowledge that you can develop and use the rest of your life. Putting your life back together is the best thing anyone can do, to finally be happy when you look in the mirror and say I love myself, I love who I am becoming.

Once you complete this module you will possible be in the top 1% of people with advanced memory in the entire world.

Why should you focus on memory retention?

There are plenty of reasons why you should spend some time sharpening your memory. A great memory can help you:

  • Retain more information and knowledge
  • Recall facts and memories easier
  • Advance quicker in your career
  • Read faster and get more from it
Don't wait to enjoy the benefits of a heightened memory. Speak with us now to get your module materials.

Why do I live with an acholic who is abusive?

Module three - Life skill #3: The Seven one-minute meditation and eliminating all addictions

Life skill #3 - Took Ronnie all the way to Vatican (gift for the Pope)

21 lessons pure focus mental 7 minutes daily meditations. The meditations will change your life. Help you in forgiveness, loving yourself, being thankful having gratitude and much more

Meditations and breakdowns turned around - The art of kicking any habit. Alcohol no problem, smoking no problem, and drugs no problem. How to de-program your mind toward addictions.

How to forgive those who have hurt you to set yourself free. How to focus on the blue light of life.

The thinking process of how to kick addictions, how to think your way to a better life, and how to find peace inside by starting your day in the correct frame of mind.

Your life is so much better in as little as two weeks. Within two weeks, the 7 to 10 minutes each morning will give you a great way to start every day the rest of your life. Newfound freedom is a new way to accomplish anything.

Do these 7 minutes each morning when you first wake, and your life will become so much better in as little as two weeks.

Once you complete this module you will have the skills to possibly eliminate all addictions. find your self-esteem and self-confidence, and find true value and happiness in your life

The steps of our meditation process

Our seven-minute meditation plan is centered around five principles. During your meditation, you'll focus on:

  • The feeling of giving and being loved, or the blue light meditation, for three minutes
  • Gratitude, which includes love, happiness, and appreciation, for one minute
  • Peace and forgiveness for one minute
  • A vision for your future, or creating a visualization, for one minute
  • Self-determination and self-control for one minute
After your meditation, you could achieve the multiplier effect, which is the feeling of being supported. Get in touch with us now to find out more about our meditation method.

Will I ever get a good paying job?

Module four - Life skill #4: The ultimate life/application and blending the 1st four modules together

The fourth Module- How to achieve the ultimate life

21 lessons two months to learn and apply 950-page workbook
How to get the ultimate life discover your superpower. The most unbelievable module of exactly how step by step to have the ultimate life. Motivation and action plan, pain, and pleasure. How to bend your dreams into your new reality.

When you find your why in life you can do anything

How you blend all the factors of your life into a positive exciting learning lifestyle, this is perhaps one of my best classes. I teach you how to maintain drive and desire. To have constant and never-ending improvement in all things. To never get burnt out. To never fall out of love. The superpower of focus an exciting alternative new learning lifestyle.

This is the step by step. How to stay on track. How to put in a system of checks and balances to track with your newfound life. To become a totally whole and loving human being.

This is the best class on improving your new found self-esteem and learn how to teach those around you the power of a positive mental attitude and how to feel significant.

Once you spend 2 months to make this a module a habit blend it all into a part of your life, you will possible be happier and have learned the best foundation of a great life

The step-by-step module 1 to the module 4 is the ultimate way to grow, to learn, to find your superpowers, to eliminate your addictions, to find your self-esteem, to get over that divorce to finally find your self- confidence along with life changing skills and an opportunity to earn more money, and advancements in all areas of your life

I never knew love until Myla. I made millions of dollars but was dead inside.
The fifth module - Life skill #5- Finding your inner peace, being in harmony with the Universe by using the arts and music to soothe the soul.

21 one-hour lessons Painting and the arts
Finding your inner peace within yourself through the arts

Then we move onto the fifth module- moves on to how to express all forms of art and spiritually growth thru your mind and art. The class demonstrate when you take the other course you can do anything. Art and creativity improve the right side of your brain. More than art teaching your mind to expand the white brain matter for exponential growth

Playing the piano, Oil Painting - Mater artist Ronnie Needham take you on a journey on how to find the artist inside of you. How to paint portrait is a step-by-step manner, how to paint wet on wet techniques made famous by Bob Ross, how to paint scenes like Alfred Hitchcock, Johnny Depp, Santa Clause, John Wayne, Phil the groundhog. What a wonderful way to start a new career and make some money, or paint some Christmas gifts, or murals on the walls of churches. Grandma Moses did not start painting until she was over 70 years old. Her painting now sells for tens of thousands of dollars.

Can I ever find peace?

Module six - Life skill #6

Understanding Food - Establishing a new eating lifestyle to benefit your longevity and quality of life.

21 lessons - dozens of videos of how to prepare food with different ingredients. Low carb great taste, low in calorie

The sixth module Understanding Food - Establishing a new eating lifestyle to benefit your long-term health reduce your A1-C and lose unwanted pounds. Learn how to think about living to over a 100, so you need to take care of your body. This new way to think is perhaps one of the most important things you will ever do for yourself and for your family.

We have 100s of recipes you can enjoy all your favorite foods just by using smarter ingredients. Lots of videos of how to make all your favorite foods from pizza to ice cream to cakes. The 10 foods that you will understand to stay away from that will hurt your body some will surprise you.

With your reading skill you can read more about food and understanding food with t your meditations you can focus on your alternative lifestyle of eating healthy. Over 200 recipes and learning how to control your A1C, lose weight, the psychology being your craving addictions to food.

How do you repair old hurts and wounds?

No more diets

We'll give you the tools to start your healthy living-journey

It's hard to start living healthier overnight. Making the change can take time and support.

Thankfully, Now is the Time LLC offers the resources you need. Our materials include:
  • Over 200 delicious recipes
  • Lists of healthy foods to keep in your pantry
  • Suggestions for how to feel healthier overall
After using our resources and motivation techniques, you could start to feel your best and be more confident. Reach out to us now to hear more about our module to support healthy living.

Does anyone have the solutions?

Module seven - Life skill #7

Module seven - Life skill #7 Understanding your body

The seventh module - Exercise to live -

21 lessons all about physical, mental, and spiritually exercise, and why it's important to your body and mind. We move on to the best low impact Yoga and how to do the Yoga 3 days a week at home to keep your body flexible. Ten one hour's videos are a great way to improve your flexibility, balance, and stamina. Exercise bans and much more a way to enjoy exercise with the focus on health and long-term flexibility.

A-Z the best all-around forms of exercise that cuts the time down to 20 minutes 3 times a week. How you will love the habit and stick to the new habit.

Many forms of how to stay fit all wrapped up in one class.

Find your Why in Life and I will show you the HOW!