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Module 1 Workbook

Educational healing techniques rebuild your self- esteem.
Motivational and speed-reading training
A new way to learn.

Ronnie Needham

Sneak peek of my module # 1 workbook the details in what to do is amazing step by step what to do. Plus, the 21 video lessons.
Read the 1st chapter of my workbook

Please note we intentionally do not follow grammar rules, later you will understand WHY!

Now is the Time to
Learn, let’s get started!
The value of this course is life changing. Print out all the forms first, read the introduction and follow the instructions.

Introduction: A sneak peek at the first lesson:

Introduction: A sneak peek at the first lesson:

  • Bonus: You will have a business opportunity to become a teacher at the end of the course. No franchise fees. National and international opportunities

The first thing to do is to print out this workbook and worksheets. Please print in color, as colors stimulate the mind. Printed material engages more of your senses. Colors add more to the sense of sight. Any time you engage more senses, you learn faster. Or you can also follow the workbook on your computer. A printed copy is better as it engages more of your senses (touch).
Now, if I can teach you measurable improvement in only 30 minutes, just think how much you will learn over the next 21 lessons. Learning is a chinch by the inch, hard by the yard.

A Note from the Author:
When I was seven years old, I fell backwards off the top bunk bed and hit my neck on my desk on the way down. I broke three vertebrates in my neck. I wore a neck collar brace for three years. At 15 years old, I cut off my thumb.  At 18 years old, I fell from 55 feet. By age 21, I was a body builder, and during competition when I was dead lifting 325 pounds, I passed out on stage and woke up in the hospital.  I had a brain aneurysm and lost a lot of my memory. I had to learn to read and write again. I was badly broken until my creator gave me a new lease on life. We all have a past. It’s not your past that counts, but your future. Through the grace of God, this program will help you create a brand-new life.

Ronnie Needham

Please note we intentionally do not follow grammar rules, later you will understand WHY!
Throughout the course you will see things presented over and over. With some minor changes, your mind will start to grow and catch the changes. We do things out of order to jump around to stimulate the brain. We take it one step further and make some grammar errors again; your brain will start to catch the changes. A lot we do is for a desired results to stimulate the mind. More later on about the why

Words of Wisdom

We have all been emotionally or physically broken at some point in our life. This course helps you find a better way to learn and retain information.  It helps you to acquire new habits and develop a new way to live, work, and earn more money. The key to the course is to learn how to focus the mind. All things are a process, and to get the best outcome from this course, you need to commit to it by completing all the exercises.  All you need to do is follow each daily lesson, every day for a year.  This course will help you transform your life for the better.

How would your life change if you saved nine weeks per year, simply by reading faster? How much more money could you make, and how much more could you learn, with this newfound time? As incredible as this sounds, what if we could save you 18 weeks a year? I can assure you that this is possible.

The question is: How? Many of us do not realize we spend a daily average of over four hours reading.  We read e-mails, social media posts, newspapers, magazines, and reports for work and pleasure. We all read many things.

When was the last time you took a reading class?  Was it in the first or second grade? When we were taught to read in school, many of us would read a few sentences out loud in class. Then, the teacher would ask the next person to read a few more sentences. Finally, after a few weeks, the teacher would just tell everyone in the class to read to themselves. On the days you read to just yourself, you started the habit of subvocalization.

The normal rate of reading is 180-220 words per minute, which is the same as speech. Why? We were taught to read using our inner voice by saying the words in our mind. We are all reading at a grade school level of technical knowledge. In other words, we stopped learning to read. There’s a better way to read.

We read so slowly that our brain becomes bored, and the mind wanders. Within 24 hours, you lose over 80% of what you have read, and within a week, it falls off to only 5% – 8% retention. Why? The mind lost focus. When your mind does not have focus, then you do not remember the information.
The following scientific fact may surprise you:  You remember more when you read faster because the mind is engaged.

We will prove these facts to you in the next 15 minutes. In as little as 10 minutes, we can increase your reading speed by 20% or more. When you learn the other anchors, you can double, triple, or even quadruple your reading speed.
When I teach you to read faster, I can save you 1 hour per day. That’s 365 hours a year, or 9 full 40-hour weeks. What if I save you 2 hours a day for 365 days a year? That’s 730 hours a year, or over 18 full 40-hour weeks! Learning knowledge is potential power, so let’s empower ourselves right now.
If you could go back to college and read twice as fast and remember twice as much, how much do you think that skill would be worth to you? Instead of 5 hours of daily homework, you could complete the homework two or three times as fast.
How much would it be worth for you to be able to comprehend what you have read, and remember the information for years? How much more money could you earn in your life? How fast would you get promotions in your job? Reading and comprehending what you have read is worth a lot of money in your life. I say to you, it does not matter if you have not yet learned this skill, only that you learn the skill now.

Remember, leaders are readers.

There is no such thing as a terrible reader. Reading is a skill, so think about this positively. Anything you read, no matter how fast, is still good. How many people in the world may not have even read a few words? I will tell you right now, it’s not your fault that you have not yet been taught a better, and faster, way to read. This quicker way of reading that we will teach you will also provide a much better way to remember information to learn more efficiently. Does it make sense to you that reading is a skill, and that learning to read more efficiently is just a development of this new skill?

Time to Learn a Better Way to Read

First, we must find your baseline rate of how fast you read (using words read per minute.) In anything, you can only measure the results, or improvements when you know the baseline rate. (Words per minute.) This number is where you are today.
We will teach you a better way. Then, we will retest to get the new baseline rate. By comparing the first test results to the new test results, improvement will be seen and measurable in only a few minutes.
Now is the Time, the most comprehensive course ever designed, with exact step-by-step instructions on how to change your entire life.

Improve Life

for yourself,
your children,
and your parents!

Make more money!
Maybe buy a car or get a promotion at work!

The course can change your life and the life of those around you!
Ask and you shall receive.
Learn the art of just asking yourself for more.
Seek, and you shall find your answers.
Nothing is impossible to the Lord!

Lesson 1, Day 1 — Let’s Get Started


I can be anything that I want to be, I can do anything that I want to do, education is the way. I will have fun learning today.

Please note we intentionally do not follow grammar rules, later you will understand WHY!

Are you ready to improve your reading speed? We will prove this to you, and you can prove it to yourself, right now. Let’s do the following experiment with measured results:
Take out a full-sized book.
For example, a hard cover novel, such as The Guardians by John Grisham. I enjoy this type of book because it’s a story with good sized type, and it’s perfect. (A small paperback is more difficult to learn with because the lines are too short, and the words are too small. Once you are trained, you can apply your skill to any size print.)
Open to the first page.
When I say go, read to yourself in your normal way, for one minute.
I will do the timer. Ready. Set. Go! Okay, everyone time now stop.
Take a pencil and put a check mark on the line you just finished.
Count the number of lines you read.

How to Calculate a Line:
Add half of one line with half of another line to make a full line.
A line that is a little over half of a line can be counted as one full line.
Two or three words is not a line.
“18” lines? Okay, very good.

Mark down the number on a piece of paper.
Count the number of words in three full lines.
Let’s say that the number is 33 words. Then, you divide it by 3, to get a line average of 11 words per line. Now, let’s do the math: 18 lines read, times 11 words per line, is 198 words per minute, your baseline rate. Any questions about how to do the math (review video lesson)? Okay, good. Let’s go to the next step.

WPM Baseline Rate Formula:

33 (# of words) / 3 lines (# of full lines counted) = 11 (# words per line)
11 (# words per line) x 18 lines (# of full lines read) = 198 WPM (baseline rate)

Now, when I asked you to count the lines, most everyone used their finger to count. This is natural and is called a visual pointer.

When you first learned to read as a child, you used your finger to read, until you were told not to be the teacher. Sight and touch are two closely related senses. When you are playing with a toddler and shuck your keys, the child focuses on the noise, sees the keys, and then grabs the keys. Over and over, we all have learned that the senses work together. This is how we have survived.

Your senses are closely related. If I ask you to take a bite of a peach, you might say these tastes great, but it is the sense of smell that allows the brain to think it tastes good.

Has anyone ever had a terrible cold and a stopped-up nose? How does food taste? Not as good, right? Now, if you were blind, you use your fingers to read, correct? So, touch and sight go hand in hand. These two senses work together just like taste and smell.

A long time ago we were hunter gatherers. If a bush moved, we thought that it was our dinner, or we would end up being the dinner. So, motion activates focus inside our brain. The mind is amazing and can do so much more than you know.

This time when you read, use your index finger as a pointing guide, just above the words.

  • Don’t let your finger touch the page.
  • Place your focus just above your fingernail on the words.
  • Learn you don’t have to read one word at a time.
  • Then, move your finger to the next word.
  • Just guide your finger above the words in a smooth motion at a nice pace, from left to right, and go to the next line.
  • Repeat the smooth glide with your finger pointer.

The brain will read the words with practice. This will become faster, but for now, let’s just glide the finger at a reasonable rate. Remember, the brain was bored, and your mind wandered in the old way you read, but the truth is, the faster you read, the more you comprehend.

ow is that true? The mind is bored when you read slowly. The mind wanders and does not focus. When you lose focus, you read the same line back over and over, and lose time.  We all read back the same parts of a line. We might think about a vanilla milk shake for just a second, or getting a haircut, or going out on a date, all while reading just one line of words. Slow reading equals low retention, as it’s not important enough to remember. The key to retention is keeping the subconscious mind interested in what’s going on.

Things to Realize about Reading: We go over the same information over and over for a reason!

1.    Children use their fingers to read — it’s natural.
2.    When you use a visual pointer, your mind will follow more closely.
3.   The eyes are attracted to motion; the instinct is still in you.
4.   Your nervous system is set up in a relationship between sight and touch.
5.   When you have a visual finger as a pointer, you might think your comprehension will go down, but the truth is, your mind needs the speed to pay attention.
6.   Most people have word regression, or back skipping, where you re-read the same line, or part of a line. This is something you are not even aware of. It’s controlled by your subconscious.
7.   When you eliminate the word regression, or back skipping, by using a visual pointer you improve your reading speed. (improves by 10-15% or more instantly after one lesson)
8.   The finger visual pointer acts as a flowing, moving object. Your mind pays more attention, and no back skipping occurs.
9.   The flow of information is now being controlled by the visual finger pointer.
10. Remember, when your mind is paying attention, you do not have word regression, or back skipping. The average person gets distracted and reads parts of a line over and over without you even knowing this is occurring.

The Major Obstacles to Reading Faster: We help you to re-program your mind with new skills, producing new success.

  1. Lack of education — You were, more than likely, in the first or second grade the last time you took a reading class. They taught you to read slowly. It is not your fault. Now, you will learn a better way.
  2. Lack of focus — Have you ever read something, and the next day you could not remember much of it, and then even a week later, you could not remember much of it at all? This is normal. It is not your fault. Now, you will learn a better way.
  3. The speed myth — many believe when you read faster, you don’t comprehend as good. That is not true. When you read too slowly, the mind wanders, and you lose the focus of the mind.
  4. Regression or back skipping – A visual pointer eliminates the subconscious mind from re-reading the same line. About 25% of what you read is normally re-read without you even knowing this is taking place. By practicing a visual pointer your speed will increase by 25% or more.
  5. Lack of self-esteem/self-confidence – Your past programming from early in your life without you even knowing you were programmed for failure. When you are told so many times that you can’t, you believe you can’t. Your brain needs to be re-wired in a can-do anything mode.

Judge by the results — while it may be uncomfortable, this works.

Time to Retest Our Speed — First, get ready by…
Let’s have a drink of water, first, to hydrate our body.
Next, sit up straight, close your eyes, and breathe deeply from your diaphragm.
Diaphragmatic breathing allows you to use 100% of the capacity of your lungs.
Begin breathing deep now and hold for a count of 5 seconds. 1,2,3,4,5 exhale.
Now, let’s do the deep breathing exercise 4 more times.
Okay, now stand up and shake out your arms.
Mark in the book where you are going to start.
We are going to read again for one minute with a visual finger pointer. This is just a practice round to get used to the flow on the motion of the finger. Remember, do not touch the page.
Ready. Set. Go!
Now, rest for a bit and mark where you stopped.
Let’s do this again — Mark in the book where you are going to start.
Ready. Set. Go!
Now, count the number of lines.
In my case, it’s a multiplier of 11 words per line, times 22 lines, or 242 words per minute. I was at 198 words per minute, now 242.
That is a 20% increase in less than 15 minutes.
Let’s see how you did with the experiment again. This is just practice. The result will vary due to how tired you are and your surroundings, etc. Some factors, in a classroom for example, can take a little of the focus away from you. So, it is best to do this experiment early in the day.

Does anyone need help to do the math? Raise your hand?

Good, very good. Does anyone want to share their percentage of an increase with the class?
We can all see an enormous increase in just a few minutes with practice. The other anchors I will teach you in the class will increase your reading speed between 200-400%, and you will retain the information.

Now is the Time motivational and speed-reading class. The first steps to fix the broken system, of how you read and how you learn. Remember, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my Path.” (Psalm 119:105 NIV).  Speed-reading and motivation will take you places that you have never been before in your life.

The value of this first segment is life changing and worth so much more to you. You may not comprehend what you have discovered for quite some time. Just think — more time, more knowledge, and more retention. Learning how stimulation to the brain really works. Remember, by keeping the brain active, you discover more benefits. We will talk about the benefits later, but in your life, this is perhaps one of the most amazing things you will ever do for yourself.

Over the next three weeks, by following the same method, and doing your 15 to 20 minutes of homework each day, you will be on track to change your life.

Judge by the results — while it may be uncomfortable, this works.

The way they taught you to read was broken and this is now being addressed.  Reading and learning will improve for you weekly. Your life will improve, provided you put in the work. Remember, when you are exposed to the same information more than once, you remember the information better.
Throughout the program, you will see the same information, from time to time, over and over. Read the information again and again. This allows the brain to remember. Later, you will discover why.

Homework — Lesson 1, Day 1

  • Practice reading at least 10-15 minutes a day with the new technique.
  • Log the stats into your worksheet.
  • Look in the mirror and say, with attitude, 5 times:

            “I feel great, I feel fine, I feel this way all the time.”

Now, I have proved to you that I really can increase your reading speed. The motivational training will make learning and comprehending much easier. The ability to remember more will dramatically improve your life skills. Get ready to be motivated to change your life. Get excited, get fired up that you are on your way to learning: How to not be broken anymore.

Understand, you can learn to read 2 to 3 times faster and comprehend/ remember a lot more of what you read. I provide the motivational techniques and the technical abilities for you to read faster and remember more of what you read. These new abilities and motivational techniques can change your life in many ways. Now is the time to learn to earn more money and have more time.
If you are tired of the same ole thing. Take the chance on my course, you will be happy you did.

Maybe teaching my course is a possibility.

You can become a certified teacher in the Now is the Time course.
We are looking for trainers to teach the course all over the world or on a local basis. The teachers will educate groups of students; at churches; seminars; corporate employees; college, grade school, and high school students. The teachers will also provide tutoring to groups.
While this is not required, many will want to teach others to improve their life, and we have the program set up so you can become a trainer/teacher.
The best way to succeed is to get someone else to take the course with you, like a workout buddy at the gym. Call a friend and get them to take the course with you. Tell them how much you have improved in only 30 minutes. The best way to hold yourself accountable is to have support.  Partners saying, “Let’s work on this together,” to inspire each other. A BUDDY SYSTEM helps both people to stay motivated. Until the 21 days are finished then a new habit is formed.

In the Now is the Time courses address your life in several of the following categories:

  • Emotional wellbeing,
  • Physical fitness
  • Spirituality
  • Speed reading.
  • Ability to learn, remember what you learn, and how to apply the knowledge.
  • Yoga exercise and gym workouts.
  • The emotional edge in life.
  • Personal and home security.
  • Mediation
  • Art
  • Diet and nutrition.
  • Motivation
  • Learning how to listen, and why listening is a skill.
  • Communication and standing up for yourself.
  • How to eliminate addictions and procrastination.
  • Finding God, understanding the Bible, and what God expects from us.

In short, we give you the tools to remake and redesign your entire life.

All things start with reading and gaining knowledge. A faster reader becomes a faster thinker. Reading can open a whole new world for you. We will teach you how to boost your reading speed, comprehension ability, and focus. By taking the newfound time we saved you and applying and investing that time into learning several other subjects, you will improve your life. Reading increases your ability to learn faster and comprehend more. Many of you will take this windfall of knowledge and teach your family and friends. When we teach, we reinforce the knowledge in ourselves. Teaching allows you to learn the information a second time.

Teaching brings out the emotion inside of you. When you enroll emotion, you learn and remember better. Does anyone remember in grade school, or high school, someone being a bully to you or picking on you? While you may not remember too much about the 3rd grade, most likely, you remember if you were bullied you in the 3rd grade and by whom. Can you name everyone in your 3rd grade class? No? Why not? Yet, you remember the bully. Why? Bullying was an emotional experience, and the emotion created the memory in your brain. Now, we understand how to remember. We will use emotion to learn and comprehend and put this in our memory banks.

I am telling you; the course is worth more than that to you, both emotionally and physically. Once you change your habits into positive action habits, then your ability to learn and grow will naturally give you the skills needed to earn more money and possibly have a much better life.

This course will cover so many segments of your life. We start with reading in a step-by-step manner. Then, we move on to the next module on how to develop a great memory and increase your white brain matter.  After that, the 3rd module involves how to start and set up your entire day with a 7-minute meditation.   

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