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Antique Chinese pendant


A large art deco statement pendant, featuring antique Chinese gambling chip, 1830s with 18 diamond, 14k gold- artist, provenance provided. Free French Rope necklace comes with the pendant.

I acquired this in Chinese gambling chip in 1999 from a provident leader in the Fujian provinces, at the trade show in Chicago. His grandson was playing and crawled under into my booth. I made his grandson a free bracelet. He took me to dinner and gave me this piece as a gift. I then set the item in 2023 with 18 diamonds.

This chip is supposed to bring good luck to the gambler when worn.

A very large art deco statement pendant, using the geometric designs of the rectangle and the triangle found in building in New York in the early 1920’s featuring an Antique Chinese gambling chip from 1830s with 18 diamonds, 14k gold- artist wire. Provenance provided.

Materials- 14k gold artist wire

Price – $4,397.00

Materials – Diamonds, 14k gold artist wire, Chinese chip


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